"Effective calming techniques are a feature of Values-based Education"

In addition to the resources that are already set out in the other sections listed in the index on the left, there are some resources that schools may find helpful.

School Support

School Mentoring
A number of experienced VbE schools offer mentoring to schools starting or at earlier stages in their values journey. Click the link below, or contact us to help find a mentoring school that is right for you.

Link : School Mentoring

School Meetings

Schools tell us they find meeting with other VbE and non-VbE schools to be a valuable source of inspiration and energy for their values journey. If you want help with advertising, organising or administering meetings, click on the link above.

Link : School Meetings

VbE Certification
We can carry out a review of your procedures and practices, and work with you to optimise VbE within your particular circumstances. Click on the link above to download two self-assessment tools to help you focus on areas to work on. Contact us for support or to arrange for an IVET Associate to carry out a review directly.

Link : Values Review

VbE Services

We provide a number of services on request. Contact us to arrange support or help with any of the following.

Staff Training
Many of the resources are available to introduce new staff to VbE or to deepen awareness of existing staff. Contact us if you want us to put you in touch with a mentoring school and/or to arrange for an IVET associate to help you develop individual or groups of staff members' awareness and practice of VbE.

Colleague Mentoring
We mentor colleagues wishing to develop their relational skills and effectiveness as values-based adults.

Engaging Parents/Governors
We have quite a lot of experience at engaging parents and governors, by running a forum. Click on the link above to contact us for guidance in how to run a forum, or let us know if you want us to come along to run the forum with you.

We arrange workshops and seminars to help staff develop what we term the Inner Curriculum. We work with specialist psychotherapists to help your schools to understand adult and child behaviour, so that all in the school community can model values more effectively.

Keynote Speakers
We can supply, arrange or recommend keynote speakers at presentations, conferences or workshops.


From My Heart
Neil Hawkes

This is a book that guides readers on how to bring values into their consciousness, thereby improving their well being and that of their family, community and working environment.