Student/Staff Awards
Two schemes are available to schools, one is an award for students, the other is an award for staff. Both schemes recognise dedication and contribution to the school values environment, and how pupils and staff explore and live values in their lives.

The schemes are free to members, and are automatically included within the Resource Pack. They can also be purchased independently.

Please note that the school scheme is based on the concept of the freely available V.Bac scheme for students.

Student Award Scheme
The Student Award scheme is a structured framework for students to carry out values-related activities in and out of school. The resources provide a guide to how the scheme operates, a card for students to complete listing areas of values-related activities they can choose, and a certificate template.

Two schemes are available, one for primary students (ages 4-11), the other for secondary students (ages 11-18). Both schemes are extremely simple to administer. Each has its own "Values Challenge Card" for each pupil to complete in their own time. The activities should be mainly child-led and encourage pupils to take responsibility for demonstrating what they have achieved.

There are 12 tasks. They encourage pupils to consider and reflect on the way positive values can impact on their life in school, the community and wider society. Pupils can work on the challenges individually, in groups or as class activities. The challenges can be completed either at school or at home and pupils can discuss their activities and achievements with a member of staff who verifies the pupil has completed the challenge and signs their card. Clear guidelines, suggestions for implementation and further information are included with the package.

Once a student has completed their tasks they have selected, the school can download a VbE-badged certificate to present to each student. In addition, there is a pack of free stickers (containing 96 stickers) that can be ordered through the VbE shop. Just note your membership in in the "Comments" box of the order. Further stickers are available for purchase.

Staff Award Scheme
The Staff Award scheme is a set of criteria and evaluation forms for a member of staff to gather evidence of their contribution to the school's values environment. The Award is made by the Headteacher or Line Manager and can be included as an element of a staff member's Performance Management targets if desired. Alternatively, it can be awarded for outstanding contribution(s) to the values-based ethos and culture of the school. VbE-badged certificates are available to be downloaded for formal presentation.

To order the two schemes, click here.

Staff Quality Mark Schemes
A VbE Staff Quality Mark and Report are also available for members of staff for whom a personal audit is carried out by an accredited VbE Consultant. For further information, click here.


From My Heart
Neil Hawkes

This is a book that guides readers on how to bring values into their consciousness, thereby improving their well being and that of their family, community and working environment.