From My Heart
From My Heart : Transforming Lives Through Values

Neil Hawkes, founder of Values-based Education, has written a book that guides readers on how to bring values into their consciousness, thereby improving their well being and that of their family, community and working environment.

If you are questioning the current trajectory of humanity then this is a book to support your thinking.

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"Neil Hawkes has been the fearless pioneer of Values-based Education – both as an outstanding head of school and then as a public educator. This book encapsulates the extraordinary power of his message."
Lord Richard Layard, UK

"The author has influenced not just the schools he has run, but countless others in using a values-based approach to change for the better the way children and their families lead their lives. Here he writes in a way that any school leader, in any country or setting, will find inspiring and practically useful in doing the same thing." 
Professor Sir Tim Brighouse, UK

"At Wellington College, we believe that education is only of enduring meaning if it is underpinned by profound values: the five which our community itself has chosen being courage, integrity, respect, kindness and responsibility. I agree with Neil that values-based education should be the driving principle for all schools and colleges in the 21st Century."
Dr Anthony Seldon, Master, Wellington College, UK.

"Neil Hawkes manages to convey the vitality of values-based education, a set of principles that can guide the learning journeys for those who learn and those who teach. The best teachers recognise that they are learners too and this fundamental belief in individual growth shines through the book."
Mick Waters, Professor of Education, Wolverhampton University, UK.

"This is an ideal teaching reference and guide for practical values-based education (VbE) written by one of the world’s foremost and most reputable values-based educators. Few people anywhere have the theory and practice of VbE as synchronized or its effects as proven as Dr Neil Hawkes."
Terence Lovat, Emeritus Professor, University of Newcastle, Australia and Senior Research Fellow, University of Oxford, UK.

"At last I have got round to reading this wonderful book. Hawkes talks about the values we want our children to learn that will benefit their own lives and sense of wellbeing, impact on their positive contribution to their communities now and in the future and importantly for teachers, enhance the quality of the learning environment. It is all about relationships, resilience and responsibility."
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Sue Roffey, Doc.Ed.Psych. AFBPsS FRSA, Adjunct Associate Professor, University of Western Sydney

"Neil Hawkes’s vision is the change agent for Values-based Education we all need. This book provides the insight for us to move from ‘talking the talk’ to ‘walking the walk’ and is a must read for parents and educators."
Sue Cahill, Student Wellbeing Leader, St. Charles Borromeo Primary School, Melbourne, Australia.

"Rooted in his own experiences as a successful teacher and Headteacher, the author has a deep commitment to core human values being placed at the heart of good and great schools. In this book, he draws upon his extensive international work to offer a carefully argued and convincing rationale as to why school leaders - and indeed business and wider society - might embrace the practical ideas he puts forward."
Roy Blatchford, Director, National Education Trust, UK.

"I have always looked at Leadership as being one of self-awareness and an awareness of others. As Sun Tsu fabulously puts it, “Leadership is a matter of intelligence, trustworthiness, humaneness, courage, and discipline. Reliance on intelligence alone results in rebelliousness. Exercise of humaneness alone results in weakness. Fixation on trust results in folly. Dependence on the strength of courage results in violence. Excessive discipline and sternness in command result in cruelty. When one has all five virtues together, each appropriate to its function, then one can be a leader.” Neil has been able to bring the skill of understanding all components to children, educators and parents, and without doubt has made a difference to our World through his delivery of values-based education and I thank him for that."
Floyd Woodrow MBE DCM.

"Neil Hawkes writes lucidly, and with an infectious encouragement to his readers, about what he has been doing as a teacher, leader and advocate for at least the last twenty years. The quality of education provided for children, students and their families has been the cornerstone of his work, based as it has always been on their growing commitment to the values his schools have selected and celebrated. To hear and read, as I have often done, about what the children are learning and discussing about a whole range of values, and how this has helped their development and, importantly, how often this has changed their lives, is all in this book. It is what it says – ‘a life enhancer’."
Richard Howard, Chair, National Education Trust, UK.

"Guided and inspired by Neil, Values-based Education now pervades Ratton School. Exploring the meaning of our values and judging ourselves against them has brought clarity of purpose and a common understanding to our work at Ratton. As a result, staff motivation and student behaviour has improved. Our Values-based Education has also proved popular with parents, who cite our strong values as a reason why they want their children to be a part of our School."
David Linsell, Headteacher, Ratton School, Eastbourne, UK.

"Being successful in school requires good teachers, but mostly you need a humane approach among adults and students. Each student must feel that they can succeed. To create this, you need a values-based curriculum that involves all aspects of work, which is the essence of Dr. Hawkes’s philosophy and practice. His approach does not require expensive materials or long education. However, it is an easy way to work with positive values with which we want to permeate learning. Values-based Education is an ideal approach that fits well in schools in Sweden."
Anna Sundström, Head of Education, Skövde, Sweden.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Neil Hawkes in New Zealand, where he has addressed numerous Principal organizations, and in the UK where I visited schools that have embedded his values-based philosophy. With the emphasis on Values in the New Zealand Curriculum, this book provides teachers and others involved in the education of our young people with an insight into both the philosophy behind Values-based Education and the key steps to take to enable it within their educational environment. Neil’s approach is warm, enlightening and encouraging."
Paul Daley, Principal, Sancta Maria College, Auckland, New Zealand.

"Values-based Education is at the heart of everything we do here at Chantry Primary Academy. Guided by Neil's inspirational work, our staff team are driven by our values in the way they teach, and how they support our children and their families, resulting in comments like this from one of our pupils, "Values have helped me with schoolwork and friendship. The values link and help Chantry to never let me down, they always believe in you." Our strong values have enhanced our school's excellent reputation in the community, helped us to become an even better school and are a core element of our school's 'personality'. We will continue to learn and to grow in our values journey with Neil's work to support us."
Corisande Bateman, Headteacher, Chantry Primary Academy, Luton, UK.

"As an ex-Headteacher of a values-based school and now the Values Education Co-ordinator for Bedfordshire, I have twelve years first-hand experience of the positive and inspirational impact of Neil’s work in all phases of education. This book will support and re-energise those schools already involved in Values Education, whilst inspiring and encouraging those setting out on their Values journeys."
Diana Thomas, Values Education Co-ordinator, Bedfordshire, UK.

"Great schools are hatcheries for good souls. To do this, the centre point of schools needs to be value-based education. Neil's book will not only help you live these values, it will help you to weave and embed them into the tapestry of the culture of your school."
Andrew Fuller, Clinical Psychologist and Family Therapist, Melbourne, Australia.

"Values-based Education has enriched my personal life and the lives of my students, as well as my professional life as a teacher. It influences the way an individual tackles life´s experiences and how they deal with the various obstacles of life. It offers a new perspective, and requires the teacher to have integrity and to be true to his values. This teaching method makes the individual more aware of his own feelings and those of others. Values-based Education awakens us to the inner values of life. By working with these values, teachers become better at their profession and the students blossom in a new and wondrous way. Mutual respect, co-operation and unity are qualities that represent those who sincerely apply Values-based Education in their personal and professional life. Applying Values-based Education, as a teacher and as a human being, is character building and constructive for society."
Valgerður Knútsdóttir, Headteacher, Iceland.

"No matter what stage of the 'life-long journey of exploring or implementing Values-based Learning' you are on, and irrespective of how much personal and professional experience you, your school or organization has in this field, you need to touch base with Neil's expertise. In Brunei, we have benefitted from working within a unique combination of cultures and environments. Our success over the years is built on our ability to transform lives through values in action. This approach powerfully reaches out to people of all cultures and faiths. It moves the spirit, touches the sou, and is a guiding light for all who want to make a difference to their own and other lives. From Brunei, 'The Abode of Peace', our message is a simple one - get inspired through taking the time to read and take action!"
Kathy Wood MBE MEd, Headteacher, Hornbill School, Brunei.

"As a Head teacher who has led two Values-based schools, I am totally indebted to the work of Dr. Neil Hawkes in the development of VbE as it has had such a profound effect on me both professionally and personally. VbE has provided me with a strong fundamental base from where I have been able to build my leadership skills, especially with regard to developing people and forging positive relationships. The shared common language of VbE gives everyone in a values-based community a clear understanding of expectations and the opportunity to explore the evolving nature of our individual moral compasses based on our experiences.

Dr. Hawkes has been pivotal in this journey as his philosophy is to gently challenge our thoughts, words and actions. As our school embeds a VbE approach to living and learning together, Dr. Hawkes has had a presence, probing deeply into our thought patterns so that we reflect, analyse and take responsibility to make positive changes to ourselves.

I am truly delighted that Dr. Hawkes is now sharing this journey through this wonderful book: From My Heart; transforming lives through values. As Megan, one of my former pupils once said to me, "If anyone wants to have a happy life they should simply use VbE. It will help them to live a long and happy life." I can't think of a better way to endorse this book."
Julie Rees, Headteacher, Ledbury Primary School, Herefordshire, UK

"I have been a Headteacher for 11 years and led two schools using Values-based Education. This "way of being" in school permeates every aspect of school life and thus school improvement. I could not imagine, especially in the current educational climate, leading a school without a rigorous bedrock of values-led relationships leading to values-led learning. As a consequence of this, there is a depth of metacognitve learning, learning of real beauty and worth, woven into the fabric of places called schools, giving a strong moral direction ensuring the flourishing of all."
Julie Carr, Headteacher, Lyneham Primary School, Wiltshire, UK

"Neil's experience as a leading educator shines through this book which is both intensely practical and profound.  Leaders of schools, corporate organisations and communities will gain insight into how to be truly self-managing by identifying shared values, and then using these to evaluate success.  What Neil demonstrates in this book is how to go about creating and inhabiting a shared language for values education which is local, accessible and powerful."
Dr. Ruth Deakin Crick, Reader in Systems Learning and Leadership, University of Bristol.

"Neil Hawkes is an inspirational colleague. As soon as I met Neil, I realised that he had a special message, and indeed a special gift, to share with anyone who passionately cares about the education of children. His message and mantra advocating a Values-based Educational approach, is both timely and powerful. Anyone who has used VbE within their school will tell you that mutual respect and trust is built through paying attention to the way people discuss, define and model their shared values. These explicit debates and agreements lead, if successfully and determinedly adhered to and modelled, a school community that is built on trust and interdependency. This is the strong ‘glue’ that makes schools successful. However, make no mistake, Neil does not advocate a ‘fluffy’ poorly defined culture where relationships take centre stage for their own sake. This is the building block whereby top quality educational experiences for children are focussed upon and ensured, and most importantly, raising achievement and life chances for children is at the top of the agenda. I unreservedly recommend that all school leaders from primary and secondary schools, read this book and act on its wisdom. Also, invite Neil who is an inspirational speaker to visit your setting for a thought provoking and practice changing event!"
Sue Woodrow, Headteacher, Aylestone Secondary School, Hereford. UK.

"In 2010 I had the privilege to hear Neil speak about the purpose of Values-based Education at an international convention for European School Principals in Cyprus.

I was deeply touched by Neil's inspiring lecture. He provided the answer and the confirmation that we should not focus on learning and cognitive results alone, at a time that the tendency in the Netherlands was to overemphasize cognitive achievements only.

As a result of this conference we decided to organize an Inspiration Day in October 2012 for more than 1000 teachers in Helmond for which we invited Neil and his wife Jane to speak about Values-based Education. This Inspiration Day marked the start of 'a quiet revolution' within the Helmond educational community. Individual teachers started thinking about ways to pay more attention in their classrooms to VbE and the holitisic development of children. Also, at a city level, we launched a task group to offer a more structural approach towards VbE for the Helmond school community.

I therefore wholeheartedly recommend this inspirational book to anyone who, like us in the Netherlands, believe that education should be more than just about learning outcomes only. For each and every child, a well-balanced education that includes the development of values will contribute to better learning achievements, which will ultimately result in a more peaceful and values conscious society.
Dr. Erik Wissink, Psychologist, Manager, Education Consultancy( OCGH Advies),
Helmond, The Netherlands.

"Values-based Education, as described in Neil’s inspirational and practical book, has had a huge impact on the children at Tower Hill Primary School. Initially the reasons for its implementation were to address the children's social and emotional needs through an approach that we felt would have a greater impact than SEAL or PHSCE. As soon as the new values became embedded, we began to notice rapid changes in the behaviour of the children and their relationships towards each other. This in turn, has had a phenomenal impact upon attainment and progress. An open and supportive culture now pervades all aspects of learning, where real and appropriate self-assessment, peer and teacher assessment are used to further enhance the learning. Suggestions for the improvement of work and behaviour are no longer seen as criticism, but are welcomed by each child and acted upon accordingly. The direct result of implementing VbE is a happy school, where learners thrive on a mutually supportive atmosphere and learning has been rapidly accelerated as a result."
Tracey Smith, Headteacher, Tower Hill Community Primary School, Witney


From My Heart
Neil Hawkes

This is a book that guides readers on how to bring values into their consciousness, thereby improving their well being and that of their family, community and working environment.