Staff Quotes

VbE teacher Simon Poote winning the Learning Outside the Classroom Innovator award. To read about the award, click here

An awesome gift from the staff of Helmwell Cliff Primary to their leaving Y6 students

Perhaps the most effective way to understand the impact of VbE is to hear from students and staff at VbE schools. At the end is a quote from Investors in People. For a quote from an OFSTED report, click here

Four head teachers from Luton share their experience of VbE in the summer 2015 edition of the newsletter Luton First. To see the quotes, click here (pdf : 329KB, uploaded 01/06/15).

Staff Quotes
"Children learn quickly in lessons. They showed great enthusiasm, and their excitement and inspiration were strongly evident. As one pupil said: "Learning is fun". Our values are excellence, quality and happiness."
Staff at Primary School

"Teachers have good expectations of the more able and challenge them well. Pupils talk about the importance of respect, kindness and trust. Our values are respect, trust, appreciation, co-operation, courage, care and understanding."
Staff at Primary School

"I have found the Values approach extremely productive in supporting rapid school improvement, and fundamentally a great way to make school a nicer place to be for everyone"
Sue Woodrow, Secondary Head Teacher, Aylestone Business & Enterprise College, Hereford

Parents hear, understand and use the language of our values
Fiona Collins, School Head, Hinchley Wood Primary School, Surrey

"Having introduced it into our school and run it for several years, I believe passionately in Values-based Education. It embeds values into the fabric of the school, sets them in context and totally connects all aspects of community life. It becomes the foundation stone on which relationships are based and policies built. Almost every school teaches values such as Respect, Co-operation, Compassion, Love and Friendship. This is Values Education. For me, Values-based Education is about positive relationships and developing reflective, sensitive individuals who embrace the values philosophy. The aim is that individuals grow and interact positively with their fellows in all situations the encounter. Children and adults are more responsive to each other, respectful, thoughtful, fulfilled and HAPPIER."
Wil Lambert, retired Primary School Head Teacher, Reading

"When we introduced Values-based Education, we were trying to articulate what school meant for staff, students and our community. We were moving towards creativity. Such freedom is not founded on rules but shared values. Students moved from being passive participants in their learning to being active leaders. Their mantra is that good people live out values themselves, whilst great people encourage others. Values-based Education is not a box to tick on a lesson plane. It is a daily practice. It means bringing full awareness to every less you teach and every person you interact with. If our vision is our destination, a strategic plan our direction of travel, then Values-based Education is our method of travel."
Ann Wardell (Deputy Head) and David Linsell (Head), Ratton Secondary School, East Sussex

Quote from Investors in People
"A very high level of teamwork and sharing ideas within all staff. The highest response rate and scores from any school. The results were exceptional. A well understood set of values which are used as a framework to drive forward both education for pupils and how staff are supported"
Extract of assessment of a Values-based Education school


From My Heart
Neil Hawkes

This is a book that guides readers on how to bring values into their consciousness, thereby improving their well being and that of their family, community and working environment.