Thinking & Moral Education
This section provides recommendations on third party support for schools developing students' Thinking Skills and Moral Reasoning competence.

Moral Reasoning

Inspiring Pupil Voice

VotesforSchools is an innovative new platform that facilitates a weekly debate and vote on current affairs. At the end of the week, results are made public, hugely raising the profile of pupil voice. The students love debating and feeling that their voice is being heard in the world. Each week they are engaged in the democratic process; building the skills of articulation; empathy, understanding and social competence: embodying British Values.

VotesforSchools is designed so that all SMSC, and Prevent criteria are met; and the school’s results prove instant evidence to Ofsted or ISI of consistent and quality delivery. Resources are available each week for Primary, Secondary and 16+ , together with a reference map and cross curricular ideas. The resources require no teacher preparation, and are suitable for a tutor time activity, assembly, writing starter or Citizenship lesson.

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Philosophy 4 Children (P4C)
P4C is one of the most applied programs by values-based schools.

It is an enquiry based approach that opens up children’s learning through the exploration of ideas; helps them understand that their ideas have value; that different ideas that have value too; that they don’t always have to be right; and to give them the confidence to ask questions and learn through discussion.

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Young Children’s Moral Education
Dr Tony Eaude has been involved with Values-based Education for many years, was previously headteacher of a first school and is now based at the Department of Education, University of Oxford. Based on his research and recent writing on young children’s moral education, he sees education as fundamentally moral enterprise, concerned with children and adults ‘doing the right things’ rather than just ‘doing it right’. He advocates a whole-school approach based on virtue ethics, emphasising intrinsic motivation, learning qualities and adult modelling, in line with Values-based Education. Tony is available to speak at conferences or seminars and to lead staff meetings or offer consultancy to schools, or other groups. His approach is interactive, practical and accessible.


ThoughtBox Education
A website founded by a Secondary Teacher to provide resources to encourage critical thinking. Resources include SMSC curriculum topics and resources, and thinking groups and thinking challenges for students.

At the heart of ThoughBox Education is the promotion of empathy; of moral, cultural, spiritual and social development and of global citizenship.


Teaching Values in the Classroom
Resources provided by Don Rowe, and the Citizenship Foundation
This is a guide that explains a methodology to take a morally rich story, and analyse it in three different ways to develop moral reasoning skills. Included in the guide is a story about Mr Shah. It explores the morality of taking something that is not yours. It provides guidance on appropriate and effective ways to discuss the moral issues; to take a wider philosophical perspective; and to develop empathy, by creating within the class a sense of trust, belonging and developing stronger relationships.

To download the teachers' guide, click here (Format: .docx, Size: 2.3MB). To see the video of a class using the methodology, click below:


From My Heart
Neil Hawkes

This is a book that guides readers on how to bring values into their consciousness, thereby improving their well being and that of their family, community and working environment.