10 Principles for Successful VbE
The VbE Environment

Students achieve greater focus at Values-based Schools

To implement a Values-based environment, a school adopts a number of values that it feels are core to its ethos. It then looks through the entire school processes, from top to bottom, to ensure that the chosen values are practised in every aspect of its operation. Pupils, teachers, parents and governors all witness and experience those values through every interaction they have with the school. It is this values-based environment that provides such a successful environment for teaching and learning of the full range of academic, social and inter-personal skills. Once the school has created its values-based environment, individual values are introduced and taught to its pupils.

Principles for successful implementation

There are ten principles of VbE that make values education impactful:
  1. Establish and consistently use a common and shared values language across the school.

  2. Use pedagogies that are values-focused and student-centred in all aspects of the curriculum.

  3. Develop values education as an integrated curriculum concept, rather than as a program, an event or an addition to the curriculum.

  4. Explicitly teach values so that students know what the values mean and how the values are lived.

  5. Implicitly model values and explicitly foster the modelling of values.

  6. Develop relevant and engaging values approaches connected to local and global contexts and which offer real opportunity for student agency.

  7. Use values education to consciously foster intercultural understanding, social cohesion and social inclusion.

  8. Provide teachers and support staff with informed, sustained and targeted professional learning and foster their professional collaborations.

  9. Encourage teachers to be creative and to take risks in their approaches to values education.

  10. Gather and monitor data for continuous improvement in values-based education and remember to celebrate your success.


From My Heart
Neil Hawkes

This is a book that guides readers on how to bring values into their consciousness, thereby improving their well being and that of their family, community and working environment.