Resource Pack
The Resource Pack is free to members. It is also available for purchase by non-members. The substantial number of free resources are available in this section, and are accessible from the index on the left.

At the commencement of this scheme, the Resource Pack comprises around 20 documents/presentations in total. Each month, we expect to increase the number of resources in this pack, depending on the number of members. A membership pack provides access to all documents for one year. Documents that are downloaded can be retained and used indefinitely, subject to the copyright limitations below.

Resource Pack
The resource pack comprises:
  • VbE e-Folder and VbE e-Manual

  • Assemblies

  • VbE Student and Staff Award Schemes

  • Ideas for Displays

  • Newsletters

  • Support for Parental Engagement

  • Research Papers

To order the pack, click here.

All resources are provided in electronic format. They are available for download from a members-only area in Dropbox. Members will need to use Dropbox, either via their website ( or by downloading their software (, to access the Resource Pack. Members' access to the members-only area in Dropbox will be available throughout their membership.

Members and schools who purchase the members pack have permission to download, modify and use all documentation within or on behalf of the school. The copyright does not permit e-documents to be shared with anyone outside the school community.

From My Heart
Neil Hawkes

This is a book that guides readers on how to bring values into their consciousness, thereby improving their well being and that of their family, community and working environment.