VbE Tools
We have developed some tools to help schools achieve a high standard of VbE.

Values Tools
  • Values Learning Walk (format: doc, 120Kb,uploaded: 17/09/14)
    The Values Learning Walk is a tool to help schools evaluate elements of their daily and weekly values processes.

  • VbE Quality Mark Standards (Audit Tool)
    The Quality Mark standards are self-assessment tools helps schools and staff assess annually how well their procedures and practices are focused towards values modelling and values teaching. For schools looking for support, it helps identify areas where support would be most productive in improving the overall beneficial impact of VbE for its students, staff and the wider community.
    * For schools (format: doc, 155Kb, updated: 14/07/16)
    * For higher/further education (format: doc, 132Kb, updated: 14/07/16)

  • Enhanced VbE Quality Mark Standards
    The Enhanced Quality Mark standards are for Quality Mark schools who want to recognise a deeper and wider use of VbE and related areas for deeper pupil development and expanded community engagement.
    * For schools (format: doc, 142Kb, updated: 30/08/16)

  • VbE Staff Standards
    A guide to help staff involved with values achieve appropriate values-based standards.
    * Teachers' Professional Standards (format: doc, 126Kb,uploaded: 06/03/17)
    * School Support Staff Standards (format: doc, 83.5Kb,uploaded: 08/07/16)

  • Student Goals (format: pdf, 114KB,uploaded: 20/04/15)
    A guide to what you might expect students to be able to handle, at the various stages of their education.

  • VbE Handbook (format: pdf, 287Kb,uploaded: 18/12/13)
    A Handbook designed to help schools who have taken the Getting Started training to put the concepts covered in the training into practice

  • Values Action Plan (format: docx, 22Kb,uploaded: 18/12/13)
    The Values Action Plan is designed for schools implementing or reinvigorating VbE. It provides an illustrative action plan that schools can tailor to their own circumstances.

  • Values Self-Assessment Survey
    The Self-Assessment Survey provides a numeric assessment of a school's engagement with values. It is comprised of four surveys, one for students, one for teaching staff, one for support staff and governors, and one for parents. It can be taken by the whole school, or a representative selection of students and staff. The completed survey produces a report that assess the impact of VbE in five areas. The assessment provides a benchmark to monitor future progress, and for comparison with national averages and VbE-recommended targets.

Ideas from VbE Schools

School Development Plan
An example of a School Development Plan created by Downley Primary School helps schools embed values in their strategic direction

Download : School Development Plan (docx file, 32Kb, uploaded: 12/01/16)

Scrutiny Form
A form used by Harvills Hawthorn Primary School to help the school understand how well embedded is VbE.

Download : Scrutiny Form (docx file, 14Kb, uploaded: 16/05/15)


From My Heart
Neil Hawkes

This is a book that guides readers on how to bring values into their consciousness, thereby improving their well being and that of their family, community and working environment.