May 7th Election

I don't think that it is about becoming more happy, or more forgiving, it is more about uncovering, recognizing and appreciating the values in people already.
Katherine, Y6
Wolverton Primary School, Oxfordshire

On 7 May, the British public will vote for its government. Below is a commentary by Dr Neil Hawkes, founder of the International Values-based Education Trust (IVET).

Where on the ballot paper will you put your X?

Life-changing values will underpin the next government but whose values? Do you want them to espouse positive human values such as compassion, tolerance, trust and honesty or more limiting values, which became evident in the banking crisis and the expenses scandal? How do we support politicians of all parties to have the courage to reflect positive values across Parliament for the benefit of all our citizens?

It is sometimes said that we get the government we deserve. I think this actually means we elect a government that reflects the underlying values of a society - the values to which each one of us contributes through our own lives. Do you share my concern for the long-term welfare of our children and grandchildren and the survival of our planet? If so, a future government should be mindful to develop policies that gain agreement across Parliament on issues that need consistent action for longer than five years. Otherwise, our country's potential for ensuring the long-term welfare and happiness of the British people will continue to be constrained by short-term party political thinking.

I believe that you could help support the emergence of wise political leaders who are able to transform our society, by basing their policies on a new narrative, which reflects an ethical wisdom based on universal positive human values, which transcends the divisive thinking of party political ideology.

Let where you put your X on polling day reflect your innate core values. My work in values-based education has taught me that the majority of people want society to be based on positive rather than limiting values but that collectively we continue to promote the latter - a paradox. The wisdom behind your decision on the 7th May is probable more important now than at any previous election!


From My Heart
Neil Hawkes

This is a book that guides readers on how to bring values into their consciousness, thereby improving their well being and that of their family, community and working environment.