How To Start VbE

The calm of an assembly at a Values-based Education school

Values are learned best by experience. Values-based Education helps schools develop the authentic environment in which values can be absorbed by its students. We see that VbE is most effective when every member of staff engages with it. So we urge schools who want to adopt VbE to apply a whole-school approach. We offer a one-day training session for the entire staff and have good experience to know this is the most effective way to introduce VbE. The suggestions below include options for schools who prefer to introduce VbE on their own.

Core Concepts

A full day training session for all members of staff to introduce the concepts and methodology of VbE

Below is a one hour taster session, which schools are able to use to introduce the concept of Values-based Education to their colleagues and staff.

VbE Philosophy
A book by Neil Hawkes that sets out some of the core concepts behind VbE, which is explored in a more tailored way in the "Starting VbE" training.
From My Heart : Transforming Lives through Values

VbE Blueprint for Primary Schools
The VbE Blueprint guides primary schools to create the environment conducive to successful VbE. It introduces staff to some of the concepts of VbE they will benefit from knowing.
VbE Blueprint for Primary Schools (format: pdf, 101Kb, uploaded: 18/12/13)

VbE Blueprint for Secondary Schools
The VbE Blueprint guides secondary schools to create the environment conducive to successful VbE and Character Education.
VbE Blueprint for Secondary Schools (format: pdf, 238Kb, uploaded: 04/02/15)

Case Study
Jen Brown, the Head of Russells Hall Primary School wrote a letter outlining her school's experience of introducing VbE.
VbE Case Study (format: docx, 15Kb, uploaded: 02/02/16)

Practical Implementation

VbE Manual
The VbE Manual is a concise outline of the specific practical steps schools can take to implement VbE.
VbE Manual

VbE Values Folder
The VbE Values Folder is a complete resource file of lessons and colourful display posters to help teach values.
VbE Values Folder

Mentoring School
Find a VbE school to mentor your adoption of VbE, or contact us for an introduction to a Mentoring school that is right for you.
Mentoring School

VbE Handbook
The VbE Handbook is designed to help schools who have taken the "Getting Started" INSET training to put the concepts covered in the training into practice
VbE Handbook (format: pdf, 287Kb,uploaded: 18/12/13)

VbE Action Plan
The Action Plan, which outlines actions for adopting VbE, which you will probably want to tailor to your school
Action Plan (format: doc, 22Kb, uploaded: 18/12/13)

Values Learning Walk
The Values Learning Walk is a tool to help schools evaluate elements of their daily and weekly values processes.
Values Learning Walk (format: doc, 120Kb,uploaded: 17/09/14)

VbE Teachers Standards
Download the guide to help staff involved with values achieve appropriate professional standards of teaching, available from the page VbE Tools.
VbE Tools

Parent Forum
Contact us to help set up a forum to engage parents with VbE
Parent Forum

Values Self-Assessment Survey
This self-assessment survey provides a benchmark of values in the school against which to evaluate future progress.
Values Self-Assessment Survey


How to Inspire Values
A book by Neil Hawkes that help staff introduce values to students.
How to Inspire Values in the Classroom


From My Heart
Neil Hawkes

This is a book that guides readers on how to bring values into their consciousness, thereby improving their well being and that of their family, community and working environment.