VbE Training
We have several layers of training for schools and teachers engaged in VbE.

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  • VbE Teacher Inductions
    We provide VbE training for teachers joining VbE schools who are new to VbE.

    For in-school training, contact us. For availability of public conferences, click here.

  • VbE School Inductions
    A one day conference for schools who are introducing VbE. It introduces concepts of VbE to all staff, and explains how to introduce it to the school. Teachers continually feedback to us how inspiring they find out training.

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  • Improving Your School
    Schools which create an authentic values-based culture see a rapid and positive impact on behaviour, relationships, the learning environment, personal wellbeing, attitudes to learning and learning resilience which lead to improvements in all areas throughout the whole school. VbE improves student and teacher wellbeing, academic diligence, pedagogy–focused teaching, student-teacher relationships and parental and family participation.

    This course is for schools who are looking to develop an authentic culture of learning and education in the widest sense of the word. Schools which perhaps need a fresh start, or renewed focus on the people within the school and positive relationships. It provides a step by step guide on how to introduce and embed a values-based ethos which underpins the curriculum and all aspects of school life.

  • The Values-based Curriculum
    This course invites schools to re-visit and evaluate their formal, informal and hidden curriculum. It aims to show schools how to improving learning and achievement, motivation and behaviour, enjoyment and interest by underpinning the curriculum with values-philosophy and embedding outstanding values-based practice. Outstanding values-based practice is shared and demonstrates how significant positive impact can be achieved through seeing all areas of a school through "values lenses".

  • The Values-based Leader
    The quality of leadership in a school is paramount; outstanding leadership drives a shared vision and brings transformational positive change and inspiration to a school community.

    This course is specifically for headteachers and members of school leadership teams who wish to lead a values-based school and effectively embed a values-based culture which engages all members of the school community and drives the rapid improvement in standards of learning and behaviour. We share outstanding values-based leadership practice and invite school leadership teams to use their energy and commitment to help every child and member of staff achieve their own greatness.

  • The Values-based Teacher
    The relationships a teacher has with their pupils plays a significant role in pupil achievement. Improving teacher-pupil relationships has important, positive and long-lasting implications for pupils' academic and social development. Pupils who have close, positive and supportive relationships with their teachers will attain higher levels of achievement than those students with more conflict in their relationships. The values-based teacher is a teacher who values themselves as well as every pupil. They form authentic relationships with their pupils. Levels of achievement, behaviour, motivation and wellbeing are high in their classrooms.

    This course shares the outstanding practice and positive impact of values-based teachers. It will inspire teachers to revisit why they do the work they do and energise and motivate them to be the best values-based teacher they can be!

  • Closing the Gaps
    What gaps might occur in our schools and classrooms? Obvious gaps are those in ATTAINMENT between different groups of pupils categorised by gender, ethnicity, special educational needs, disadvantage etc. But why are those gaps there, what other gaps are there and how can they all start to be closed?
    This course is for schools who are looking to enable EVERY pupil to reach their highest potential in their behaviours and attitudes to learning. It’s also to help parents feel a valued part of the learning process and to be able to support their child to be successful in their learning and behaviours.

    When schools based their decision-making and culture on a values-based ethos, and proactively encourage parents to play an important role in contributing to the school, gaps in attainment, behaviour patterns, ambition and self-confidence start to close for all.
    This package provides a step by step guide on how to secure a values-based culture in school, how to recognise different types of gaps and start to address them and how to encourage parents to be engaged and confident in supporting their children’s learning and behaviour.

Other Training
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  • Embedding VbE
    We provide training for senior leaders, for selected staff or the entire staff to deepen and embed VbE. This is particularly suited to schools that have run VbE successfully for several years, for schools with a large turnover of the senior leadership team, and for schools seeking to reinvigorate VbE at their school.

  • VbE Conferences
    We run occasional morning, twilight, half day and full day VbE conferences aimed at schools who want to find out more about VbE. Contact us if you are looking for conferences near you.


From My Heart
Neil Hawkes

This is a book that guides readers on how to bring values into their consciousness, thereby improving their well being and that of their family, community and working environment.