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It is not enough to teach the 3 R's. We must teach children to think in a humane way.

"Ask parents what they want their children to be when they leave school. They say: to be happy and responsible, to know about respect, truth and honesty, and to be caring"

OFSTED has consistently attested to the demonstrably positive impact of a values-based approach on inspection outcomes.

In the current framework – the most demanding to date – values-based education is recognised as making an outstanding contribution to overall school effectiveness, including: pupil behaviour for learning, teaching and learning outcomes and leadership and management. The extracts below exemplify this powerful impact of a Values-based learning culture and focus.

Government Initiatives IQ
OFSTED invite schools that they consider to have made substantial progress to contribute to their website. They ask the schools to explain how their progress was achieved, as inspiration to other schools. For the report produced by the VbE school "The Meads Primary" in Luton, click here (Format : pdf, Size : 1.5MB)

OFSTED Reports
Below are extracts from OFSTED reports.

Trumacar School, 2016
  • Status: Good (Last inspection: Requires Improvement)
  • The headteacher, governors and staff have significantly improved the school since the last inspection. This has transformed the school into a welcoming, caring, learning environment.
  • An ethos of respect and kindness pervades the school.
  • Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is a strength as it is central to all that the school does.
  • Leaders are keen to ensure that pupils are equipped and prepared for the joys and the challenges of life.
  • Adults and pupils promote and model a culture of respect.

Fetcham Village Infant School, 2015
  • Status: Outstanding (Last inspection: Good)
  • The headteacher has built a vibrant and inspiring culture.
  • Provision for pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is exceptional. Pupils are very well prepared for life in modern Britain.
  • Pupils' behaviour is outstanding. They fully understand and follow the school’s values. They are exceptionally welcoming and polite to their peers, staff and visitors. The school’s work to keep pupils safe and secure is outstanding
  • The school’s curriculum provides rich and meaningful learning experiences for pupils. It promotes a love of learning which is reflected in pupils achieving high standards.
  • A strong ethos encompasses all of the school’s work. Important values are depicted all around the school. Pupils can recall what these values are and what they mean, creating a tangible sense of community.
  • Parents are overwhelmingly positive about the school. Almost all parents who responded to the online Parent View survey would recommend the school to other parents. Parents who spoke to inspectors were complimentary about the school’s ethos and the impact this has on their children.

Chantry Primary School, 2014
  • The school promotes pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development exceptionally well through the teaching of the school's values.
  • Children develop good personal skills and learn the school's values which help them to develop as confident learners and to think at a deeper level.
  • Staff teach and reinforce the school's values consistently. As a result, pupils display high levels of self-discipline in and out of the classroom, and respond very well to the school’s highly inclusive environment.

Hornbill School, Brunei, 2014
  • Overall Status: Outstanding
  • The school’s strong values, which run through every aspect of its work, embrace the cultural diversity of the community. Tolerance, high-quality care, learning and life-long friendships are promoted well.
  • Pupils’ behaviour is exemplary and embodies the strong values that underpin everything the school does. Parents, staff and pupils are justifiably proud.
  • The school’s strong values and high expectations are made explicit in attractive displays, its informative website, pupils’ newsletters and workbooks. Staff and pupils are mutually respectful, putting the values into practice every day.
  • Pupils make outstanding progress because of the consistently high-quality teaching they receive. Enthusiastic teaching brings learning alive so pupils are keenly interested in many different subjects
  • Pupils thoroughly enjoy school and are eager to learn

Tower Hill School, 2014
  • Pupils feel safe. They recognise how constantly using the values that they have learned about promotes strong relationships and helps build a positive atmosphere where everyone gets along well
  • Pupils have good attitudes to learning. They behave well in lessons, at playtimes and
    lunchtimes, and when moving about the school. They are polite to adults and to each other.
  • Pupils’ behaviour is good. Pupils learn about values throughout their time at the school. They recognise that this helps them to remember how to get along with others and to think about how their actions affect others’ feelings.
  • Through learning about and discussing values, pupils have good knowledge and understanding
    of, and respect for, different cultures, religions and beliefs.

Eardisley CE Primary School, 2014
  • Status : Good, with outstanding behaviour and safety of pupils, and outstanding leadership and management
  • The outstanding behaviour and safety have not only been maintained since the previous inspection but improved further through the introduction of a range of values which have made pupils vastly more effective learners.
  • At the previous inspection behaviour and safety were found to be consistently major strengths of the school. The current leadership has built on them even further through a range of innovative ideas and activities, and pupils’ attitudes towards school are exemplary.
  • The behaviour of pupils is outstanding. They have excellent attitudes towards their learning in lessons and talk enthusiastically about how much they enjoy coming to school and learning new things.
  • Teachers create a very positive and purposeful climate for learning in classrooms. A large part of this is based on the values introduced to the school by the headteacher. Pupils and staff are able to talk about how these help create the conditions for excellent learning. For example, pupils themselves decided ‘determination’ was one of the most important values that would help them become successful learners. Pupils talk positively about how they enjoy lessons and how the teachers help them learn new things.
  • The headteacher has introduced a number of innovative improvements to the school since her appointment. She has instilled in the whole school community a clear belief in the values-based learning which is helping pupils develop as mature human beings and very effective learners. Governors, pupils and parents talk very positively and knowledgeably about this exemplary work. It is being used to improve provision in other schools locally, as well as nationally and internationally.

Lethbridge Primary School, 2013
  • Status : Good, with outstanding behaviour and safety of pupils
  • Pupils are very happy at school. Warm and trusting relationships underpin their enjoyment and learning. Everyone is included and respected. Staff know pupils well
  • Pupils have many memorable and vibrant learning opportunities including a wide variety of visits and visitors to the school, which contribute strongly to their moral, social and cultural development.
  • Staff and pupils share a strong belief in the values of their school. They are proud to be part of it

Lethbridge Primary School, 2013
Sundry Quotes from OFSTED report
  • Inspectors found that pupils are polite, sociable and articulate.
  • Parents and carers feel their children behave well and are kept safe.
  • Pupils also feel that behaviour is typically good.
  • Children are responsive and well motivated


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